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Project 4

Why consider us?

  1. Design ability on your doorstep.

  2. Custom design around your product/requirements.

  3. Design will factor in local conditions, materials and ergonomics.

  4. Changes can be made throughout the process.

  5. 24-hour service with trained experts.

  6. Leader in technology - first to implement Quality Sorting.

  7. Eliminate double riders due to unique transfer system.

  8. Patented flap system ensures fruit-friendliness. 

  9. Cost savings due to local manufacturing.

  10. Local parts and back-up.

  11. Limited time delays due to local parts and service availability.

  12. Knowledge about local labor constraints and productivity.

  13. Our key specialities include defect recognition.

More Benefits to our Clients

  1. Lower maintenance costs.

  2. Service points throughout South Africa.

  3. International expertise and support.

  4. Local team includes architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, refrigeration and electrical experts as and when required for facility and logistics design.

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