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MED Automation and GREEFA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality small and large scale fruit and vegetable grading and sorting equipment. We are geared for both the local and the off-shore markets.

Leaders in technology and innovation

  1. Greefa, based in the Netherlands, was founded in 1940.

  2. MED Automation Pty LTD, based in Paarl, South Africa, was founded in 2003.

  3. Greefa and MED Automation joined forces in 2007 – MED closes an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Greefa in South Africa.

  4. In 2012 Greefa and MED extended their agreement - MED became the exclusive Sub Saharan agent for Greefa.

  5. The result is global expertise and forefront technology paired with local support and manufacturing to a broad spectrum of fruit and vegetable producers.

  6. Greefa & MED Automation operate in more than 40 countries.

  7. We’re an approved professional team with more than 100 years combined industry knowledge.

  1. GREEFA is proud to have provided the first intelligent quality sorting in fruit handling in the world. Since 1996 IQS has been installed worldwide - another first in progressive defect sorting on Citrus called iPIX. 

  2. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in our very accurate "Internal defect sorting and brix annulizer”.

  3. Greefa invests 25% of their resources on research and development to bring our clients forefront technology and a competitive edge.

  4. We offer actual operating equipment for training (a GREEFA sorter), with training facilities in South Africa. Operators obtain extensive training in our facility in Paarl, to ensure good operating knowledge.

  5. We provide training certification.

  6. Greefa’s IQS4 is the leading technology in terms of quality sorting.

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